Aline Tumbuan

Name : Caroline Ingrid Adita
Born : 17 Juli 1980
Biography :
Caroline Ingrid Adita better known by the name Aline Tumbuan born in Jakarta, 17 July 1980. Aline is known as a model, TV host some events, such as the Hot Spot and Sexy Food Lover, Cosmopolitan Radio announcer, and the nurse rubric catechize Aline Ask the men's magazine FHM.
Women who like collecting beautiful lingerie is married with Aditya Tumbuan, son pairs celebrities Rima Melati and Frans Tumbuan in 2003.
Aline and Ayik (call Aditya) met at Aline travel clothing in the Netherlands with Rima Melati and Ramli. At the same time, introduce Aline Rima on Her son Tumbuan Aditya, who lived in the Netherlands.

Aline body postures that perfect present for each of the designer dress well, make Aline often involved in the fashion show to various countries, such as in Italy, Greece, to the United States. Aline even men's magazine readers selected 'For Him Magazine' as a woman in the election tersensual titled 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005.