Andhara Early

Andhara Early
11 September 1979 Balikpapan

Andhara Early, born in Balikpapan, 11 September 1979, known as the model, TV presenter and star sinetron. Package events that have guided among them, Latin Night (Metro TV), Panco (Indosiar), Party (Indosiar). While sinetron that,RUMAH KETUJUH, KELUARGA BESAR 13, VANYA, LUV dan LUPUS MILENIA 2.

As a model, Early never make a scene on the appearance of adult magazines in the Indonesian edition of Playboy, which at that time many people conflate.As a result, he must deal with the police over the appearance.

The former wife of the music group Voice ME, Ferry Marta this Wijaya, divorced over allegations that children, Magali is the result of the pregnancy with another man.One of the men who at that time is Ariel, one of the band Peterpan.

Early marriage again with Cesa David Luckmansyah on 28 January 2007. They were married for a year after the date. In August 2008, Cesa divorce suit has been put in the divorce PA South Jakarta.In September, their first divorce hearing is scheduled to held.