AnggunAnggun Cipta Sasmi

Jakarta, April 29, 1975


Anggun Cipta Sasmi known as performers Indonesia and at this time living in France.

At the age of nine years, was to create a song and turn 12 years old, began recording the first rock album. titled DUNIA AKU YANG PUNYA (1986) is produce by musician Ian Antono and distributed by Blackboard Records.

Than Anggun, record second album, TUA-TUA KELADI (1990), ANAK PUTIH ABU-ABU (1991), GAYA REMAJA (1992), NOC TURNO (1992), ANGGUN CIPTA SASMI ...LAH (1993), YANG HILANG (1994)
elevation (2009).

Anggun is the daughter Darto Singo, an artist and Dian Herdina, a woman of bloody palace Yogyakarta. She later married the man of France, Michel de Gea, which unfortunately ended with the divorce.

Anggun is obsessed to be international performers go to London, England. But some time later to concentrate develop talent music in Paris, France, her home country at that time.

In 1997, Anggun successful released album in France titled AU NOM DE LA LUNE. A year later he released an album in English, SNOW ON SAHARA and in 2000 released an album CHRYSALIS and DÈSIRS CONTRAIRES. LUMINESCENCE (2005) and LUMINESCENCE - SPECIAL EDITION (2006).

Anggun has become international performers.She up to now remain productive, and almost every year released a new album. Some of the album successfully penetrate the market up to international music sold millions of copies. Even album ANGGUN (Indonesia and Malaysia) release in 1999, and the BEST-OF (Indonesia) to release the 2006 market for Asia.